Be Forever Prepared For Your  §5551 Inspections

Has the passing of Senate Bill No. 326 put you in a preDECKament? No worries, Inspection Ready Contractors has you covered.

Inspection Ready Contractors is here to help get you prepared for your upcoming mandated exterior elevated element inspections per §5551 (Senate Bill 721 & Senate Bill 326), or commonly referred to as California Balcony and Deck Inspection Law. Inspection Ready Contractors specialize in §5551 inspections and repairs, offering an innovative approach that will have you ready for inspections now and forever.

Instead of conducting the repetitive and expensive removal and patch-back process, we will install an accessible inspection vent (as seen here) to the underside of your elevated exterior element (walkways, stair landings, decks/balconies, etc). With the installation of a removable vent, you’ll be able to have a view of the wood framing members, which allows you to conduct an inspection at your leisure for when you sell your property as well as all mandated inspections.

Our expert approach will have you prepared to meet the January 2025 inspection deadline, along with the deadlines of every future required inspection. Dependent on your local jurisdiction, inspections can be mandated every five to nine years. Fortunately, our installation of these vents allows you to be inspection ready by the time you contact a licensed engineer or architect.

If interested in a free estimate or additional information on our services, give us a call at (916) 461-3946 or email us today.